‘Menopause’, also termed as ‘the change of life’, is a perfectly normal process through which every female through but is yet a very dreaded time in a women’s life since most of the women feel that they have lost their femininity and attractiveness. As this period approaches, the menses start becoming irregular, both as regards to the time of their return and the quantity of the flow. During this period the ovaries stop ovulating and there are change in the hormonal levels leading to disturbances in the menstrual cycle (irregular menses) and then after a few months or years, there is a cessation of menses. It usually occurs during the late forties and fifties, depending upon when their mother or grandmother got their menopause.

Also during the menopausal phase the women goes through a lot of emotional disturbances, mood swings, depression, poor concentration, increased irritability, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, dryness of hair, heart palpitations, osteoporosis, paleness, debility, insomnia, disturbances in calcium and zinc metabolism and other complaints like headache, vertigo, backache, osteoporosis, weight loss or weight gain, arthritis, etc. avoid taking hormonal replacement therapy, since the side effects caused by them are many.

Regular exercising (like aerobics, walking, stretching, jogging, swimming, deep breathing exercises, etc.), relaxation techniques, performing yoga, keeping yourself busy in some occupation or hobby, etc. will help you to relax and divert you emotionally and consequently reduce your symptoms. Stop smoking since it directly affects the production of estrogen and brings on the menopause earlier.

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