Dr Yatri Thacker is a homeopathic physician, stress counselor, an international childbirth educator. She is the director of HOMEOPATHIC HEALING CENTRE and practicing since 14 years. She has worked with the TIMES OF INDIA as a homeopathic physician and stress counselor for 4 years. She has written many HEALTH related articles in wellness times, Bombay times, Femina and mother & baby magazine. She has also conducted various workshops on stress management and parenting at TIMES OF INDIA & BANK OF BARODA.

She believes that patients need to be dealt and treated not only for physical symptoms but also mental symptom. With stress increasing day by day a lot of people are suffering from psychosomatic disorders (they are diseases caused due to mental ailments or stress). Research shows that 60% of patients in INDIA visiting general practitioners are suffering from stress related health problems.

These disorders can be treated very well with a combination of counseling and homeopathy. With this combination Dr Yatri Thacker has treated several patients.