‘Constipation’ can be defined as irregular, infrequent and difficult passage of stool that is generally caused by not eating enough fiber or by lack of sufficient fluid or exercise. The person can also come with complaints of straining, a sensation of incomplete evacuation and slight abdominal discomfort. Normal bowel emptying can vary from three times a day to three times a week. Failure to defecate for more than a week’s time needs to be investigated by a doctor. Regularity in the habit of evacuating bowels is very important for a person to keep himself free form chronic constipation. Whether he gets motion or not, he should attend to the call of nature. Persons who are given to sedentary activities are often prone to constipation, which in turn produces several other illnesses like fistula and piles. Physical exercise is thus a must in a person having chronic constipation.


    • Increase your daily intake of bran and fiber and drink plenty of water during the day to keep the toxins flushed out of the body. Avoid use of tea, coffee and chocolates, which contain caffeine and also avoid milk, cheese, pulses, cakes, sweets, refined sugar, hot and spicy food, which tend to lead to constipation. Take in more of fruits, leafy vegetables and its juices. Among the vegetables, elephant root yam (suran) and spinach (palak) are very useful in relieving constipation. In fruits, papaya, oranges, pear, guava, grapes and banana are useful. The food should be properly chewed.
    • Drink about 3 – 4 glasses of lukewarm water the first thing in the morning (even before brushing your teeth) daily.
    • The bran of both rice and wheat are useful in relieving constipation.
    • One to two orange taken at bedtime and again on rising in the morning stimulates the bowel movements.

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