The buildup of excessive air in the intestine due to gulping down of food and drink, swallowing air or due certain flatulent food items is termed as gas, wind or ‘flatulence’. The primary cause of flatulence is the digestive system’s inability to absorb certain carbohydrates. So it would be necessary to avoid food items like apricots, bananas, beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, corn, onions, pretzels, radishes, whole- wheat flour, etc. also if one is lactose intolerant, one could have flatulent problems from eating dairy products. So replacing cow’s milk with goat’s milk or soymilk may help. The most common symptoms that the person complains of are heaviness and distention of abdomen with occasional griping pains and the patient usually feels better by passing gas either from below or from above (i.e. in the from of burps).

Reduce the intake of carbonated drinks, caffeine (which is contained in tea, coffee, chocolates and sodas) and fermented food items like cheese, alcohol, etc. the more slowly you eat, the less air you swallow and the better your food is broken down, so the less likely you are to suffer from gas. So chew your food properly. Moving around keeps the bowels on the move and thus prevents the gas from getting trapped. Thus brisk walking for half an hour daily in the morning helps. It is important to ask the person not to sleep for atleast two hours after eating.

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