• Homeopathic treatment during pregnancy

    Homeopathic treatment during pregnancy

    How does homeopathy really work?
    Homeopathy is based on these principles:

    • Like cures like. Something that in large doses creates the symptoms of a disease in healthy person can cure diseases in small doses in ill person.
    • The whole person must be taken into consideration when choosing a remedy.

    Homeopathy is a ‘holistic’ system of healthcare that focuses on the patient, as an individual’ to provide enduring health and well-being. Homeopathy recognizes that symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment, not the disease. Therefore a detailed case history of patient is taken while administrating homeopathic medication.
    Many people believe that homeopathic medicines have steroids. Is this harmful in any way?
    Homeopathic medicine does not contain any steroids.
    Many times when a homeopathic physician cures diseases in no time and performs a miracle, some had doubts about how homeopathic medicines worked effectively. In these instances, tests were performed for steroids in Homeopathic Medicine and in some cases, steroids were found. The truth is that when these medicines are tested, they may give a False Positive reaction for steroids because of the presence of lactose powder, which is often used as a vehicle for the drugs. Most milk products, including lactose, cane/beet sugar and certain plant derivations will give false positive test results for steroids using the colorimetric method. In this method when steroids or any reducing sugar is present in the material to be tested, a brilliant blue colored compound called ‘farmazan’ is produced as a result of the reaction between tetrazolium blue salt used in the test and the sample.
    Most homeopaths worldwide use saccharum lactis (sugar of milk) as a base to administer the homeopathic remedy or pills that are made of cane sugar or sucrose, a sugar substitute. Moreover, almost all homeopathic remedies have ethyl alcohol as a preserving agent. So if the drug contains any lactose or sucrose, it will impart a strong color that will give a false impression of the presence of steroids.
    One of the only conclusive methods is the ‘UV absorption method’ using a spectrophotometer. If tests conclusively do prove that the medicine given is indeed a steroid, disguised as a homeopathic drug, the patient is free to seek redress and file a complaint to the authorities. However, before acknowledging any claim that the tested medicine was adulterated, one must find out what testing procedures were used by the lab to eliminate the possibility of an erroneous and deceptive result.
    Conclusion is Homeopathic medicines are very effective.
    Why is it a preferred choice during pregnancy?
    Some women choose to live with the discomfort of morning sickness or heartburn, rather than seek treatment, because they are concerned about the possible side effects of conventional medications on their unborn child
    Homeopathy is based on treating each person as an individual, with highly diluted substances given in mainly tablet form, which trigger the body’s natural system of healing. Based on your experiences and symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to you. Homeopathic medicines are safe for your growing baby (and even your newborn) because only a minute amount of the active ingredient is used in their preparation.
    These remedies can help you feel healthy and energetic, which in turn has positive effects on your baby. A mother who is full of vitality and energy provides her baby with the ideal conditions in which to thrive.
    What are the most common ailments during pregnancy that homeopathy can help cure? Please detail each of them.
    Physical and emotional changes during pregnancy may cause a variety of health problems. The following list includes some common symptoms that may be helped by professional homeopathic treatment:
    1. morning sickness
    2. nausea
    3. mild urinary problems
    4. diarrhoea
    5. heartburn
    6. anaemia
    7. varicose veins
    8. backache
    9. cramps
    10. thrush
    11. emotional distress.
    12. raised blood pressure

    Homeopathic medicine during Labor & After Birth
    In addition to the conditions listed about, homeopahty can help you through labor, after-birth healing, breastfeeding, post-natal ‘blues, stitches and scars, sore, cracked nipples, breast infections (mastitis) etc.
    Homeopathic medicine for your new born
    Babies tend to respond quickly to homeopathic treatment. There are homeopathic remedies to help relieve mild discomforts as well as more serious problems. Consult a trained homeopathic doctor if want homeopathic treatment for your baby.
    babies who are bruised from a long labor or a forceps delivery
    diaper rash
    ear infections
    side effects from vaccinations
    Remember, it is especially important during pregnancy to take care of your over-all health. Eat well from a wide range of foods, take a vitamin and mineral supplements if needed, avoid smoking and alcohol, get plenty of rest, and exercise regularly.
    Why does homeopathy score over allopathic in this regard?
    The major difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine is that homeopaths treat the ‘whole person’ with the illness, rather than simply treating the physical and/or emotional symptoms in isolation. We can greatly underestimate the part our emotions play in maintaining health and well being. Just as joy, laughter and the feeling of being cared for can keep us in good health, the opposite feelings of sadness, grief, anxiety and insecurity can be the cause of physical symptoms. The opposite is also true in that pain can cause depression, anger and anxiety.
    Homeopaths understand that establishing good health involves treating both the mind and body, rather than concentrating on any one area of the body or particular symptom. A truly holistic form of healthcare!
    Can there be any side effects?
    Homeopathic medicines are remedies, not drugs and are made from a variety of ‘natural substances’ such as plants and minerals. They are prepared in licensed laboratories under strict quality control. Homeopathic remedies cannot cause side effects and you cannot become addicted to them. This is because they are prepared in highly diluted forms and only a minute amount of the active ingredient is prescribed. In over 250 years of use no homeopathic remedy has ever been withdrawn for adverse side effects.
    Does taking homeopathic treatment over a long period have any ill effects?
    Homeopathy helps in maintaining ones physical and mental growth and immunity. It does not have any adverse effect if taken for long.
    Will the baby be affected in any way?
    Pregnancy is a very important milestone in a woman’s life where she undergoes various physiological and psychological changes. Since pregnancy can be stressful to a woman’s body, the health of the woman significantly affects the health of the fetus. Homeopathic medicines will help improve the health of the mother as well as the fetus thereby assuring a more positive pregnancy experience. Homeopathic medicines are gentle, safe, non-toxic, FDA approved and effective in treating various common problems of pregnancy and childbirth. Baby will not be affected in any way with homeopathic medications, as these are highly diluted medications.

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