• Morning sickness and homeopathy

    Morning sickness and homeopathy

    Homeopathy works by assisting the body to achieve balance on all levels, mind, body and emotions. It is therefore ideal as a pre-natal treatment to ensure optimum health and balance of the parents-to-be. Whether it is pre-fertility health optimisation or an immune system boost, both partners can benefit from pre-conception homeopathic care. These treatments are highly individual and so each homeopathic treatment is completely tailored to the individual concerned.

    In pregnancy all pharmaceutical drugs are ill-advised so it’s great to have a healthcare system that can treat pregnancy ailments such as tender breasts and morning sickness effectively. Every case is different and there are many specific medicines for these ailments depending on the particular symptoms of the individual. Sometimes morning sickness can be worse when smelling food but feel better after eating and this person would get a different homeopathic medicine from the pregnant mother who had nausea all day whatever she did. In most cases morning sickness is relatively short lived and homeopathy can make life easier at this early pregnancy stage!

    Since pregnant women should be very careful in taking any conventional drugs, it is reasonable and prudent to consider first trying homeopathic medicines for many non-emergency medical conditions.

    It is generally recommended that pregnant women receive professional homeopathic care rather than treat themselves. Since their health directly affects the well-being of two people, the pregnant woman deserves the best treatment possible, and an experienced practitioner is more able to provide this care. If homeopathic care isn’t available in your area, individuals can learn to self-prescribe; unfortunately, there are not many good books on homeopathic medicines for obstetrical problems and none of the books in English are up-to-date texts. There are some modern texts on homeopathic obstetrics in German and French.

    Since a homeopathic medicine is prescribed based on the basis of the totality of the symptoms the person is experiencing, it is common for women to experience not only relief of their morning sickness from the homeopathic medicines, but also noticeable lessening of various symptoms

    Causes of morning sickness

    No one knows why women suffer from morning sickness. Hormonal changes, particularly high levels of chorionic gonadotrophin- the placental hormone that promotes the ovaries to sustain  production of the progesterone necessary to maintain the pregnancy-are thought to be a factor. Because these hormones changes occur at the same time as metabolic and chemical changes, they are probably an important factor. The fall in blood pressure that is typical in early pregnancy as also likely to cause nausea. Psychological factors may contribute to a small extent, particularly in an unplanned pregnancy.

    It is estimated that between 50 to 80 percent of women have nausea, sometimes with vomiting, during pregnancy. Although the nausea may be most noticeable in the morning, it lasts throughout the day for many women.

    Even if there is no nausea, women may develop aversions to certain foods. Morning sickness generally improves by the 13th or 14th week of pregnancy, but some women continue to notice nausea into their second trimester

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