Tonsils are four small lymph glands located at the entrance of the throat with the function of preventing the entry of any bacteria or virus into the body. Thus ‘tonsillitis’ is a condition in which there is the inflammation of these palatine and lingual tonsils, with complaints of pain in throat, difficulty in swallowing, redness of tonsils, fever and pus in the crypts in severe cases. It is quite common in children, especially in those who sleep with their mouth open; but it is also found in adults, especially those who are immuno – compromised or those who are suffering from acute rheumatic fever or acute inflammation of the kidneys.

One should remember that the tonsils act as a protective mechanism by restricting the entry of bacteria and viruses into the respiratory tract. So the removal of tonsils is not the solution to this problem since then the bacteria and viruses will then get a free entry into the respiratory tract and lead to more severe complaints.

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