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Giving birth is a beautiful process. No mum can explain in words the magical miracle of finally witnessing those tiny fingers and toes. However, in the run-up to this moment of joy, expectant mums have to change their eating habits to a great extent—completely giving up alcohol, raw eggs, and artificial sweeteners to ensure that the new life in the womb enters the world in good health.

While prenatal diet holds the key to avoiding complications such as anaemia, low birth weight and birth defects, the postnatal diet of mums is equally important for the healthy development of the newborn. By the second trimester of pregnancy, expectant mums crave for more calories simply because the baby in the womb needs it for optimal growth. Once the mum takes in food, it is broken down by various enzymes before the blood absorbs the various nutrients. These nutrients are then transferred to the foetus through the placenta. So, when a newborn finally comes out into the world after nine months of being in the mother’s womb, the best way for it to consume food is through breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is beneficial to both the mum and the child.

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Dr Yatri Thacker

Dr Yatri Thacker is a Homeopathic wellness physician, Mental Health expert and founder- director of Baby & Me Programs, practising in Mumbai in the past 18 years.