Hair Serum

A chemical free made from Homeopathic and herbal medicines specially curated to control hairfall.

Immunity Kit

Immunity Kit

DM Drops

It is useful for diabetes as well as many other health problems.

Travel Kit

A Perfect Travel kit to carry Homeopathic Pill Bottles.

BP Drops

An effective Homeopathic medicine which will help you reduce your blood pressure.

Weight-Loss Drops

Helps you get rid of unnecessary fat and weight in just a few weeks.

Happiness Drop

An herbal combination of Bach flower remedies which help you to experience a natural state of mental and emotional wellbeing. These drops can be taken with any other medicines and have no side effects.

Post Covid Kit

Post Covid Recovery kit having multiple benefits.

Hair Serum+ Homeopathy + detailed consultation + diet+ hair care tips

Dr Yatri’s Hair serum and 15 days of homeopathic medicines.

Hair Serum & Tele-consultation

Doctor’s telephonic consultation which lasts for 10-15 mins.