Hairfall Treatment, Causes and Symptoms | Dr Yatri Thacker

A renowned Homeopathic doctor based in Mumbai, Dr Yatri Thacker’s treatment has proved to be extremely effective for hair fall. Hair loss is a disorder that occurs to both men and women. These days even children are getting affected too. Our treatment is safe and can be taken by anybody.

Hairfall could be caused due to various reasons like

  • Hormonal imbalances during puberty, pregnancy, menopause
  • Stress
  • Post illness like typhoid, COVID
  • Thyroid disorder
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Using a wrong product
  • Due to breakage of hair while using hot tools
  • Chemical treatment
  • Genetic

These causes are effectively treated with our holistic approach. Our treatment is natural wherein we help to boost your body's immunity that allows regrowth of hair. It includes homeopathic medicines, Dr Yatri's hair serum, counselling, diet and apt guidance for hair.

This detailed hair fall treatment, inclusive of hair serum, counselling, diet and 15 days of homeopathy medicines.

  • Ordering our Hair serum Cost - 750
  • Hair serum + Tele consultation on hair care with Dr yatri Cost - 1500
  • Holistic approach inclusive of detailed case history+ hair care + counseling + 15 days homeopathy Cost - 3000 additional cost of hair serum applicable
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