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Dr Yatri Thacker is a Homeopathic specialist based in Mumbai who offers a comprehensive range of treatments for pets. We offer consultation, medication and guidance for furry companions.

Why homeopathy for pets ?

Homeopathy is a natural, holistic system for healing. It eliminates the underlying imbalance in a pet’s body that causes unwanted symptoms.

From Homeopathic perspective, most common diseases include allergies, arthritis, skin problems, digestive disturbances, respiratory problems and musculoskeletal problems.

Pet consultation by Dr Yatri Post detailed analysis and history, homeopathic treatment is given for pets. It’s safe and easy to administer.

Consultation charges (Includes 1st consultation and 15 days homeopathic treatment) - 3000
Our Team
Our Team
  • Thanks to Dr Thacker for helping me reduce my shoulder pain ina months time. I would also like to thank her for counseling me. It has made a huge difference in the way i look at everything now.